European Spring Break

Wrestling Tournament

A family oriented competitive wrestling and cultural adventure!

Boys & Girls 11-17

April 5-14, 2020


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2019 MVP adventure…

An Invite-Only European Adventure & Cultural Experience that includes…

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  • Boys - Greco Roman

  • Girls - Greco Roman & Freestyle

  • Europe's Largest Youth Wrestling Event

  • Pre-Tournament Training

  • All weight classes available

  • Boys & Girls

  • Amsterdam Canal Cruise

  • Historic Amsterdam Tour

  • Visit To The Famous Windmills

  • WWI/WWII History Tours

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What are MVP International Trips all about?

An international tour with MVP is much more than just a wrestling trip, it is an opportunity to represent the red, white and blue. More importantly, it is an opportunity to connect with the world at large through a shared common passion, wrestling. You will meet and interact with players from the host teams both on and off the field... giving you the chance to see the world through their eyes, understand how they live, and create long-distance friendships. For some it may open your eyes, for some it may bring a new friend into your life, and for others - it may be the next stepping stone in your wrestling career.  

All of this while being led by a team of professionals on a 'handled for you', family-oriented, cultural vacation.

What the European Wrestling Tour offers players & their families ...


A hassle-free, once-in-a-lifetime experience…

  • Land only and Airfare included package options

  • Represent the USA in a competitive tournament

  • In-depth cultural experience with professional guides

  • Pre-planned restaurant meals

  • Gourmet breakfast buffet every morning

  • Pre-planned travel logistics

  • Tournament Wrestling

  • International training sessions

  • Pre-trip training with high caliber coaches

  • Flexible payment options

  • USA Uniforms and swag

Become an European Adventurer…
Explore the canals of Venice, stroll through the streets of Amsterdam and compete against top wrestlers from around Europe

A Sneak-Peek at our Irish Tour Venue & Travel Destination …

Venice & amsterdam

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*Please Note* Due to the quality of the teams and heavy amount of interest to join this event, all players must attend a try out or be directly invited by one of the coaches. Joining the interest list does not guarantee a roster spot. Any and all players may be required to tryout.

Scholarship, Fundraiser and Sponsorship Opportunities…

Sponsorships:  In 2019, MVP International Athletics launched a 501(c)(3) Foundation that is oriented around providing sports opportunities for youth around the world. With this, you will have the opportunity to fundraise without limits! 

The sky is the limit. 

Fundraiser: Enter in the annual MVP Raffle Ticket fundraiser! MVP puts up 100% of the prizes such as Caribbean weekend getaways, restaurant gift cards, tech gadgets, and more! All YOU do is tell us how much you want to sell. Go out and raise as much as you can, and keep 100% of what you raise! 

In 2019, participants raised an Average over $1,000 each in just 2 weeks.