Sports Philosophy

When it comes to sports that MVP gets involved in, we must be able to answer 'yes' to 3 key questions: 

  • Can we compete, train, or play at a high level?

  • Can we create lifetime memories around this experience?

  • Is this the right group for the task?

The third question is more important because it focuses on the main philosophy of MVP International's trips - that this is about a local group from a local community going overseas to compete against locals from other international communities. In order for a trip to be a full success by MVP's standards, each individual that participates should come back feeling like they've made lifelong friends and have memories to bond over. 

The MVP team takes tremendous pride in the type of people that wear the USA uniform and represent the MVP name. The MVP team would rather take no team at all that a team that is unqualified and ill-prepared for the task of wearing the red, white, and blue overseas!  


Why Are

Sports So Powerful?

We hold a firm belief that sports are the ultimate way for people, communities, societies, and the world at large to connect, celebrate, and to share experiences that create a unique bond. Through sports, no language is needed. Race, gender, and religion become irrelevant once the game starts. Sports are passion and sports bring people together. There are countless reports, stories, and statistics that show the impact that sports have on communities. How people overcome personal biases, how cities come together to celebrate, and how the world feels closer at events like the Olympics.


Our Sports