Italy 12u Baseball 2018 Trip Insurance Explainer 


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This policy amendment has been specifically designed by the MVP International team to mitigate any potential risk of conflict between the Italy 2018 Baseball Trip and the Virginia Little League State All Star Tournament. 

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How It works In a nutshell - 

  1. Sign up for trip via trip registration link. Registration Link Here. 
  2. Purchase CF Travel CFAR Travel Insurance. CFAR stands for 'Cancel For Any Reason'. This allows you to cancel your trip for any reason up to 48 hours before departure. Since All Star teams will know if they will advance or not more than 48 hours before the trip departure, this will prevent conflict up front. 
  3. If your all star teams has a conflict...
    1. MVP will give a full refund less $800/person which is 'Non-Refundable'. *Only applies to those families that have the all-star conflict*. 
    2. CF Travel refunds 75% of all non-refundable costs. In this case that means they will refund you $600/person. 
    3. This leaves a difference of $200. MVP is unable to refund this amount because it would be considered part of the refundable portion. 
    4. MVP has an internal policy that will give a $200 discount/person towards any future trip for all travelers that have to drop from a trip within 30 days that the MVP team deems credible - this conflict will qualify.  
  4. If your all star teams does not have a conflict...
    1. Enjoy the once in a lifetime trip to go play ball, tour iconic cities and history, hit the beach, and eat your way through the beautiful country of Italy creating memories all along the way! 


Fore more details about the policy please read below 

Step 1

Understand the CFAR Insurance Policy

  • In this specific policy there is a CFAR (cancel for any reason) included as an option. 
  • Please read the description on the CF Travel insurance policy explainer pdf. Download Here. 
  • For full details and more in depth explanation of all terms in the policy - please see the policy plan. Download Here. 

Step 2

Read MVP Terms & Conditions - Little League All Star Clause

  • Read the additional clause to understand the conditions. This is copied directly from the Terms and Agreements.
  • You will be prompted to 'accept' these terms and conditions when completing the registration. 

Little League All Star Cancellation Clause

The following amendments apply ONLY to participants that are impacted directly by the Virginia Little League All Star Tournament. The following cancellation policy will ONLY be activated if I follow all timelines set by the insuring party. MVP International withholds the right to deny acceptance of these special cancellation terms should they deem the conflict to be caused by any other factor besides the Virginia little league all star tournament. The Little League All Star conflict will be awarded if any tournament sanctioned games are scheduled, or have the chance to be scheduled on or after July 19th, 2018 based on qualifying into a round of the tournament which will last multiple days and has a minimum game requirement that will overlap with these dates. 

-29 days to 2 days prior to departure
Full refund less a $800 cancellation fee. 
-2 days or less to departure
No refund will be issued.


Step 3

Purchase Insurance

  • Use the Group Link Here - MVP CF Travel - Little League Insurance Policy
  • You will see the 'CFAR' title at the top, this means that the CFAR policy IS included into your package. 
  • You will see when you enter the 'cost of the trip' it will automatically result in a cost per person for the insurance policy. This cost will correlate directly and only to the policy that includes the CFAR policy.