Dive deep into the rich culture of some of Italy's most renowned cities as we explore Milan, Florence, and Rome. Let softball be your compass as we uncover several off the beaten path hidden gems that often get missed or overlooked. Discover the culinary capital of Parma, the outrageously scenic coast of Cinque Terre, or overlook the rolling hills of Tuscany from a monastery that sits atop of Montepulciano. 


Prepare to 'flip on the switch' and throw on the red, white, and blue against some of Europe's premier youth softball teams. Retune your ears as you hear 'Andiamo Rigazze!!'  being shouted across the diamond from the dugout. Remind yourself of what it means to represent the USA both on and off the field. Take Pride. Play Hard. Play With Class. 

Taste. Smell.

Get ready to light up your taste buds ready as we make a dinner stop at an organic cheese farm, get home cooked meals with local host teams, visit regions specifically known for famous Italian cuisine such as risotto, pesto, parma ham, parmesan cheese, lasagna, gnocchi...and of course, pizza! 

See. Feel.

Put the history book down and put your Instagram filter ON as we bring some of the most iconic historical sights in modern history to live. Feel the size of the Colosseum, admire the unparalleled work of the Sistine Chapel, gaze at the Duomo in Milan and Florence, or glamour at the perfection of the David. 

Keep scrolling to peak a quick glance at some aerial views of what we'll see in Rome...