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Where competitive sports, international travel, culture, and family vacation unite.

MVP International brings 6 years of experience in creating life-changing overseas sports trips for adventurous sports families. Whether it's a tournament, exhibition games, high level training, or a combination - a trip with MVP International is your ticket to seeing the world in a way you never imagined possible. 

Can your appetite for adventure match what we're serving? 

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MVP Partners & Affiliates

A huge thanks and appreciation is due to all of those that the MVP team works with in order to deliver unforgettable experiences.  

Partners & Affiliates
MVP Baseball SchoolPrimetime Baseball, SPI Soccer, Stu Vetter Basketball Camps, Vienna Sports, Arlington Softball, CEBF

Upcoming 2019 Trips

Stay tuned or contact for details! 


Amazing Australia Softball

-August 2019


Skate In Scandinavia Elite Hockey

- August 2019


Central Europe Trip Baseball

- July 2019-Completed


European Lacrosse Trip

- July 2019-Completed


Journey Through Japan Baseball

-August 2019


Immaculate Italy Baseball Tournament

-July 2019


''caribbean Classic' - 12u, 15u, 18u Puerto Rico Tournament

- August 2019


United World Games Dance

-June 2019-Completed


Caribbean Cruise Baseball

- June 2019 - Completed



Whether you're playing in an elite invite-only tournament, getting trained by top international coaches, or competing with the top teams in a local country - sports are the nucleus of the entire group. You will be SHOCKED to see how far sports can take you. 


Whether we're touring iconic cities around the world, trekking through waterfalls in the jungle, or winding down roads in the countryside, you will be led by professional tour directors and guides. Bring your history class to life and embrace the culture and history of wherever you are!