MVP Gear Drive


4/29 & 5/6, 2018


Details & Donor Form Below. 

A powerful speech by Nelson Mandela about the power of sports in uniting the world! 

How It Works

Step 1 - Let us know you want to donate

  • Fill out the form above. 

Step 2- Check If Your Gear Is Acceptable To Donate

  • Accepted
    • Gear that is listed on the chart (by sport) and is lightly used. Chart here. 
  • Not Accepted
    •  Anything that is broken, torn, has holes, stains, heavily used, or would be deemed unusable by northern VA high school or travel league standards. 

Step 3 - You will be contacted for pick up details

  • The official Gear Drive donation dates have passed, however we will still collect your gear if you have it! After you fill out the form we will find a time together to have your gear picked up. 
  • If you have not yet been contacted, please text the Program Manager - Josh Gjormand: 703-657-9316

Step 4 - Take Action & Get Points!

  • Donate - Bring your gear to donate! 
  • Earn Points - Get points for each type of item that you donate. Chart here
  • Bonus Points - Earn bonus points by doing easy extra tasks (all listed on chart) such as...
  • Share & Inspire - Get other in the 'giving' mood and share what you've done in person or on social media!

Step 5 - Win Prizes!

  • Every 5 points = 1 raffle ticket. 
  • All donors will get tickets for their points. 
  • Prizes will be drawn for donors. Prizes will be restaurant or sports store gift cards, Nats or Kings Dominion tickets! 
    • *Ideally these prizes are geared towards athletes as the initiative is based around getting our youth involved to give back, however anyone can win the prize. 

Gear Drive Initiative 


If Hakeem Olajuwon had never gotten the chance to put a basketball in his hands...

If David Ortiz was never lucky enough to pick up a baseball bat...

If Lebron James couldn't get a pair of basketball shoes to go play in...

If Pele didn't have a soccer ball to kick around...

The list can go on. 

The MVP International 2018 Gear Drive will be a project devoted to supporting and empowering aspiring young athletes, both domestically and abroad. 

Being based in the DC Metro area we often forget how fortunate we truly are. By taking a step back and looking at what we can do for others in less fortunate circumstances, it is easy to recognize that 1) we can really help, and 2) it can  be easy! 

Let's take advantage of this opportunity to clear out our homes and garages and find a way to help ignite the dreams of kids around the world! 


Where It Will GO...

Caribbean - The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Jamaica
Africa - Mozambique, Nigeria, Ghana, and Liberia Africa
Europe - Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Serbia, and Estonia
US - Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD