Let's Go Global


What's This All About? 


The coaches that we work with have spent years, if not decades teaching the game the love to future generations- building trust, respect, and a community along the way. A trip with MVP International is a way to both increase the doors you open for your athletes as well as an avenue for the hard work you've put in to pay off in a way you would never expect. 


How It Works

Step 1 - Identify.

Are you a club, travel or HS coach, director of a large travel organization, pro, owner of an academy or training facility? Whatever it may be, we have a way to work with all types of leaders within a sports community. Based on what role you're interested in, we have a program designed for you. 

"Different strokes for different folks”

Step 2 - Evaluate.

Once we've got an idea on how a trip may fit for you, let's evaluate if this is really the right thing for you. An overseas trip is both an adventure and a responsibility. We're not right for everyone and not everyone is right for us - but for those that are, get ready for magic to happen.... 

"Let's see if the shoe fits” 

Step 4 - Create.

Time to kick things off and get the ball rolling. This is your trip and your community. Let's work together to provide a once in a life time experience for you, your family, your athletes, and those in your community! 

"Become the coach no one forgets!"

Step 3 - Dream.

Let's find the exact trip that you want. Whether it's to one of  the dozens of locations we've been, or if you're interested in a completely new destination, we can make it happen! We'll draw it up with you to find the trip that lights you up. 

"Let your imagination run free!”



Who It's For...

We often get asked, what makes a coach the right fit for a trip. Here are a few things to think over when considering if this is right for you to get involved with:  

Coaches & Pros - 

  • Have been coaching for several years

  • Have a community around them

  • Interested in opening doors for their players and those in their community

  • Have a sense of adventure and excitement for travel

  • Would be ecstatic and proud to represent the USA in international competition

Travel/Club Directors, Academy Owners - 

  • Interested in something that sets you apart

  • Have an established organization in your sport

  • Have a community and multiple teams

  • Interested in opening doors for their players

  • Interested in travel or have coaches in the club that are

  • Would be ecstatic and proud to represent the USA in international competition or have coaches in the club that are

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